Monking it out

It's time to break free

There’s a long and personal explanation as to why I’ve been gone that I will get into one day when I’m ready.

Maybe I’ll write a book about it lol

But today though, in this email, I am just going to share my truth about where I am at currently.

I am rebuilding...again lol.

I’ve struggled most of my life feeling like I am just good enough at whatever I set my mind to & this newsletter was no different.

I know that sharing the truth about life & struggles is a gift of mine. I regularly have people tell me I inspire them but what happens when you’re the one who’s hurting & needs inspiration?

You recluse, seclude, and Monk it out until you get to a place of clarity & healing where you feel like you can share.

And I am almost there lol.

Yes you read that right, I am not quite healed or clear enough to probably share but I am going to.

I am just going to write. I am going to create. I am going to share my thoughts, my feelings, and my journey.

& I truly hope you guys get something out of it instead of viewing me as pathetic.

I am taking action even though I feel more lost & scared than ever.

Action, even small action like sending this email helps me finally escape the prison that is my head.

I am tired of living scared.

I am tired of desiring more but being too afraid to fully dive in and just go for it.

I am tired of caring more about what other people want so that I don’t leave any space for what I want.

Here’s What I Believe About Hard Seasons

  1. They shape you and sometimes reveal to you parts of yourself that you knew were always there.

  2. They help you shed layers that have to be shed for you to move forward in life.

  3. They humble the hell out of you and remind you what being human is truly about.

But hard seasons don’t last & neither can being a Monk (unless you’re really a Monk and in that case, well that’s your lifestyle & I 100% respect it)so I have to break out of my safety cocoon.

Here’s to stop living life scared.

Chat soon.

Love You ❤️‍🔥



 Head Rebel In Charge